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63 Questions to Choosing the Right Craft Show

By Susan West - 01/15/01

Ever wonder what you should know about a show before applying? Here is a list of questions to ask!

The best way to choose a show is to scope it out before committing to do it. Go to the show and observe and ask lots of questions. Ask the promoters if you can get on their mailing list. Once on the list you can request an application and any rules or guidelines available. If you don't find the answers you are looking for, don't hesitate to make a call to the promoter. Here is a list of questions that you may want the answers to prior to doing a show. Don't feel like you need to know all the answers to all these questions, but the more informed you can be about the show, the better idea you will have about how it will be for you.

When you do decide to do a show site unseen, try to make observations and find answers to these questions as you go. Many of the answers to these questions will also help you evaluate a show that you have done and will help you decide if it is worth doing again next year.

General Show Questions

Application/Acceptance Process

Booth/Inventory/Crafter Questions


Promotion/Customer Base

Questions To Ask Crafters Who Have Done the Show

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